Best practice detail


BELGIUM Brussels Capital Region

Executing organisation

Brussels Environment – IBGE
(Brussels Administration for Environment and Energy)

Target groups

Large or small, private, public or mixed, branch of a multinational, SME, administration or association, whatever their sphere of activities, but with the condition that the organisation has a site of activities in the Brussels Capital Region.


To encourage the companies and organizations of Brussels:
• to commit themselves voluntarily in a progressive improvement of their environmental performances (among which energy)
• to gradually set up a system of environmental management

Background informations

The label was created in 1999. First labellised companies in 2000

Project's description

The “Ecodynamic company” label is an official recognition of good environmental management practices of public and private Brussels companies. It rewards their environmental dynamism and their progress in waste management, energy consumption and the rational use of raw materials. It also encourages the introduction of an environmental management system, with a view to the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) or ISO 14001. The label is a 3-stars label, depending on the level of environmental performance within the organisation.


The label is granted for a period of 3 years.
The stages of the process
The company or the organization :
• commits itself into the demarche by signing the charter "Eco-dynamic company". Thanks to this reference document, the Direction of the organization declares the latter candidate for the label and commits itself to gradually implementing the 27 general principles of eco-management. Once signed, the charter is returned to the IBGE, accompanied by the identification sheet presenting the organization.
• obtains a free guidance by environmental consultant during half-days thanks to this official commitment.
• transmits to the IBGE, at the latest 2 years after the signature of the charter, an application form for the label.

This application form will include:
• an environmental analysis presenting the regulatory aspects, the organisational aspects and the incidences on the environment of the activities of the candidate unit
• an environmental program, specifying the working objectives developed from the analysis as well as the stipulations for the implementation of the selected actions.

The obtaining of the label
The attribution of the label to the Brussels candidate companies comes to a multi-institutional " Ecodynamic company " jury, which gathers representatives of federations and public institutions, environmental organizations and consumers and other interest groups. The decision of the jury will be founded on the checking of the application form for the label. The checking also implies a visit on site guided by officials of the IBGE, allowing a better consideration of the field realities of the company.


• When a company adopts an eco-dynamic management, the IBGE does what is necessary to inform the media of the results of the labeling (Label Awards, listed on IBGE website). The labelled company receives the right to affix the logo "Ecodynamic company" on communication supports, and this by 3-years cycles.
• With an official Brussels recognition, the label " Ecodynamic company " can help the companies who wish it, to obtain the EMAS registration or a certification according to ISO 14001.
• EMAS registered or ISO 14001 certified companies are automatically granted the Ecodynamic 3 stars label.

Certification, recognition

EcoDynamic label: 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars

SME financial contribution

Free of charge

Budget and Public Subsidies

2 or 3 civil servants + 200.000 euros for guidance and communication

Donor, Fund

Brussels Government


See link to website with list of Eco-Dynamic Companies